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MIAMI — Balancing progress with patience will probably be one of Jose Fernandez’s biggest challenges because he comes back from Tommy John medical procedures. The 22-year-old isn’t planning on hastening anything on his way to recovery.

‘Going with the flow’ may be easier said than done for the energetic Miami expert. But he’s following doctors’ purchases in his throwing program, which often continued with 25 gentle tosses off flat ground on Friday afternoon with Marlins Park. He started off with Twelve lobs at 30 feet to be able to trainer Sean Cunningham. He ended the 10-minute session at 45 toes.

Fernandez began his throwing program on Wednesday, and Comes to an end was his second time out. Next week, he is scheduled in order to throw Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

‘It felt like I had been ready to pitch,’ Fernandez explained. ‘Obviously, it’s a process. It’s a gradual process. I’m really happy it’s a slow process. I have to be here a long time. I don’t want to come back and be the first one to come back from Tommy John and in a year end up being hurt again. We’re going to wait and see and enjoy the ride.’

If Fernandez has learned anything at all since sustaining the soft tissue tear in May, it can be patience. He had his surgical treatment on May 16 which is anticipating a 14-month total healing timeline.

The eagerness to get again on the mound is there, although he understands the importance of definitely not risking a setback.

‘The most important thing is to just go with it,’ the hard-throwing right-hander said. ‘No matter your emotions, you just have to remember, it’s a new tendon that has to become a soft tissue. They’re giving you all the logic behind why you can’t rush it. I’m really just going with the actual flow, and whatever the health practitioner says. I’m going step by step.’

There isn’t any firm return date to the 2013 National League Novice of the Year.

‘We haven’t talked about that,’ Fernandez said. ‘We’ve talked about 15 months, maybe later, perhaps before that. We’ll discover. Now, I’m just concentrating — Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Only getting my arm feeling great and going with the strategy.’

It will be a few months before Fernandez is back on the mound. For now, he could be impressed with how his arm feels after two flat-ground sessions.

‘It’s funny,’ he stated. ‘The ball is just flying outside of my hand incredibly. I’ve never ever felt this good. This ball is coming out of me effortlessly. I’m just enthusiastic.’

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