Incredible How To Change The Background Colour Of An Instagram Story Post 2022

By | May 15, 2022

Incredible How To Change The Background Colour Of An Instagram Story Post 2022. Choose pen and make the size to the maximum; If none of the offered colors look appealing enough, you can always tap and hold one of.

Changing the background color of an Instagram story from

Tap the color that you would like to set as your background from the palette at the bottom. Okay now for a way simpler method. The 3rd 1 is to change background colour backside the photograph or video.

After You’ve Taken The Photo, Go To The Extra Options In The Corner And Click On Draw.

Drag your finger across the screen to wipe away the color covering your photo or. Once you have selected draw, pick the marker tool (highlighted in red at the top of the screen) and your desired background color. Use your camera to take a photo or a video or choose an existing photo from your camera roll.

Choose Repost Or Link A Photo Or Post To Your Story;

Here is the first method on how to change instagram story background color. If you’ve shared a feed post to stories, the background will fill with your chosen color behind the post. In the draw screen, pick a color you want to use as your background either by selecting one from the options at the bottom or using the color picker.

Choose Pen And Make The Size To The Maximum;

Tap (press and hold) the pen or eraser tool. Slide your finger all the way to the left of the palette. Click the scribble icon at the top;

There Is A New Way To Change The Background Color On Instagram Can Do This To Create A Solid Color Background And Add Images And Text On Top Of I.

Select your desired color with the color dropper tool or choose from the default color options. Changing the default color to a different solid background; Now select the ‘sharpie’ tool.

Click On The Brush (Android) Or The Squiggle (Ios) Once You Have The Perfect Frame, Click On The Brush Or Squiggle Button At The Top Of The Screen.

Choose the background image for your story. Tap the “color” you like from the menu in the lower portion of the screen. Now you can see in the image above, i have changed the background of this story from blue to grey.

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