Famous Color Guard Concrete Sealer References

By | May 13, 2022

Famous Color Guard Concrete Sealer References. A solvent based curing and sealaing compound for concrete surfaces. Ideal for use on use on previously coated/uncoated, vertical/horizontal, interior/exterior surfaces such as:

Kingdom Guard Plus“High Gloss” Salt Block Sealer from www.concrete-texturing.com

Actual shade and texture will depend on job site conditions, mixing ration, individual batches and installation methods. Improves the surface strength, abrasion resistance, and durability. Verify appearance with a test area before installation.

Especially Suited To Seal Ardex Toppings;

Recommended for concrete pavers, aggregate concrete, stamped concrete, and poured concrete. Concrete color & design cureguard cure & seal provides an outstanding combination of curing, sealing and dustproofing for freshly finished interior or exterior concrete surfaces. Epoxy color & paint flakes;

If You Choose A Surface Sealer, Such As An Epoxy Or An Acrylic, The Process Is Similar.

Improves the surface strength, abrasion resistance, and durability. Available in clear or gray Our protectguard ® color range is a new, hugely popular surface stain and protection for all concrete and masonry vertical surfaces.

Actual Shade And Texture Will Depend On Job Site Conditions, Mixing Ration, Individual Batches And Installation Methods.

Gray version can be used to create a uniform appearance in repaired and adjacent areas; They leave a natural finish and will not change the look of the concrete. They will never yellow, fade or peel.

Clean & Prep, Surface Retarders.

Protects from damage caused by exposure to salt, certain chemicals, stains, and water. They have a lifespan of 5+ years. Adheres excellently to many types of paver as well as concrete surfaces.

Provides Excellent Color Enhancement And Protection For Decorative Concrete.

250 to 350 ft 2 per gal. With over 75 years of combined experience. Following any instructions provided by the manufacturer, you will generally want to spread out the sealer evenly over the concrete using.

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