Arizona Cardinals #14 C.J. Goodwin Cardinal Pro Line Player Jersey

Morosi calls in to Hot Cooker Jon Morosi talks offseason on Hot StoveJon Morosi calls in to Hot Stove go over parity in MLB,’s Jonathan Mayonnaise discusses what Steven Souza,’s Jonathan Mayo in time breaks down the additions the Excellent picked up from the Padres, Joe Ross along with Trea Turner

The Angels and Cardinals approached the offseason figuring out they were already positioned regarding long-term success regardless of what they would. The Dodgers will be different but most likely as competitive as ever, as will the Giants. The Reddish Sox appear to be solid. The Devils and Royals have remained in the mix.

This has been a wonderful offseason because so many big-name players have transformed teams and so many groups have undergone big changes. They have got done this against the backdrop that this game has changed, that option abounds. With opportunity comes pressure to stay competitive or even get competitive.

Pressure for the people the boss, great fun for us. All in all, that is about as good as it can get.

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