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List Of Are Home Inspectors In High Demand References. Are home inspectors in high demand? A study by the u.s.

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Demand is high for home inspectors. As a home inspector you are able to work independently as a business owner, set your own hours, and make more money while spending more time with family and friends. A home inspector is more than someone that has some construction knowledge or experience.

Licensed Professional Home Inspectors Inspectors Who Are Licensed And/Or Certified Can Make More Money Than Those Who Have Not Passed Or Taken A Licensing Exam.

Of these, the highest 10% of inspectors earned more than $97,000 per year, while those in the lowest 10% brought in less than $35,000 per year. The average home inspector salary is $58,000 (16% above the national average) annual job openings. Demand is high for home inspectors.

This Starts Wtih Writing A Solid Home Inspection Business Plan That Will Provide A Path To Follow.

And with the national average income of a home inspector ($58k ) being greater than the national average ($49k ), there surely is a high enough demand even for newcomers to the home inspection industry. Here’s what you need to know about the current demand for home inspectors in the united states. Though this is not an incredible number, the bls states that it’s faster than the national average for most occupations.

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A thorough home inspection alerts buyers to major. Are home inspectors in high demand? That’s almost 5,000,000 job openings per year.

Last Year, We Published An Article Featuring The Top Five Claims Home Inspectors Face Each Year And What You Can Do To Mitigate Your Risk.

This makes the career of home inspector not only in demand but also reliable. However it is very possible to be in high demand, depending on your marketing and your technical expertise and reputation. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the demand for construction and building inspectors is expected to grow at a rate of twelve percent between now and 2022 and the medial annual wage in 2012 was $53,450.

10% Growth By 2026 (2% Above National Average) Average Salary.

1) train in your spare time. Home inspection is a business and to be successful, it must be operated as such. Since the home inspector’s role is so closely tied to the real estate transaction and market in general, market fluctuations often result in changes in consumer demand for inspection services.